Trail network in the mountains and the ski track with Lenningen Trail Team

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The first day of the Ski Trail

In the final part of January we helped to prepare the trail network at Lenningen, and we were also with a trip up the terrain of Spåtind with trail runner Syver Thon, owner of Lenningen Fjellstue. We joined Syver from start to finish in his piste machine and prepared first-class ski trails from Lenningen Fjellstue, out in Langsua National Park, around Lake Røs and along Ølsjølitoppen cabin field. Syver Thon has 18 years of experience in skiing at Lenningen, and he makes sure to prepare high-quality ski slopes for cabin owners and the business community at Lenningen. Lenningen Fjellstue and Valdres Trekkhundklubb also arranges trails for dog sledding, and these trails extend all the way to Beitostølen.

We had the pleasure of following the process of preparing one of the Valdres the best ski trail network, and got documented the trip from start to finish, with the exception of protected areas in the nature reserves and national park where it is not allowed to fly by drone. On the ski slopes we met happy cabin owners who showed a great degree of gratitude for the job Syver does, and the quality of the slopes that are being groomed with Lenningen as a starting point.

Watch our Youtube video from the ski trail with Lenningen Trail Team:
Olsjolitoppen - Wikipedia Valdres – A day in Skisporet with Lenningen Løypelag

The second day up Fortune

The following day we were invited out in fine weather to drive up the first trails of the season up the terrain towards Spåtind. Here we first had to break tracks upwards in the powder snow towards Spåtind, and we witnessed a trail runner with a trail machine that can seemingly make its way wherever there is snow. On the road up to Spåtind you can look out into the Norwegian mountain landscape towards Hallingdal, Hurrungane in Sogn, Jotunheimen, Norefjell, Rondane, Østerdalen and far into Sweden. Syver pointed out that Spåtind is the vantage point in Norway one can see the largest part of the Norway, and at 1414 m above sea level. Valdres you have a unique overview beyond the Norwegian mountain landscape.

Watch our Youtube video from the trip up to Spåtind with Lenningen Trail Team:
Olsjolitoppen - Wikipedia Valdres – A day in the mountains with Lenningen Trail Team

«LenningenTrail team prepares the trails based on Lenningen. In total, approx. 60 km of trails are prepared, covering the areas Lenningen around 9.9 km., Holbekkrunden 12.3 km., Røssjøen around – Lundsætra 19.0 km., Rotvollrunden 5.9 km., Tverrløype Fjellheimen 0.7 km., Ølsjølli – Elveseter 6.5 km., Rotvollrunden 5.9 km. See the trail machine's movements on:

A significant effort is being made to offer great ski trails in Synnfjellet. Each area has its own preparation machines and trail riders. This gives us a continuous trail network of almost 300 km."

Finally, we would like to thank Lenningen Løypelag and Syver Thon for having been invited to two good days in the ski track at Lenningen, and we look forward to being able to further showcase the trail network around Lenningen and in the immediate vicinity of Ølsjølitoppen Cabin field.

Web developer Taulant Shamolli from Meta IT has designed a video from the ski slope network at Jomfruslettsfjellet, and we share this as a little extra bonus:

4K | Cross-country skiing | Jomfruslettfjellet Norway | DJI Mavic Air 2

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