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Ølsjølitoppen is a new cabin field with 146 plots of over 1000 meters in Etnedal in Valdres .

Here you can enjoy unspoiled nature with activities and experiences in a varied mountain terrain. The area is snowy and offers great skiing throughout the winter.

The nearest neighbor is Langsua National Park with forest, mountain peaks of up to 1600 meters, water and waterways and lakes. In Langsua there is also an active wildlife with domestic reindeer, golden eagles and mountain trout in all waters and rivers. When the domestice reindeer are moved for grazing, they Ølsjølitoppen . Cabin owners in the area can see the reindeer crossing the snowy mountain landscape just outside the cabin door. The area is also known for horse droppings in the summer. Then the award-winning stallion is released into the landscape along with 8-12 jumps to let them mate in the natural way.

Mountain View


– Guaranteed View – Natural Surroundings

As a cottage owner on Ølsjølitoppen you are assured of the view and the natural surroundings as long as you remain.

The area and the view around is primarily the national park and nature reserve, so you can rest assured that you get to keep the peaceful existence. In summary, the new cabin field on Ølsjølitoppen sunny plots surrounded by beautiful nature and exciting experiences.

Location and distances

Ølsjølitoppen located in Etnedal municipality in Valdres . It is just under 200 km from Oslo, and a short distance to shops and shopping opportunities in e.g. Bruflat, Bagn and Fagernes. Here is a small overview of distances to cities, transport and shops from Ølsjølitoppen .

The people behind Ølsjølitoppen

The cabin field on Ølsjølitoppen developed by Jarle and Ole Lunde. We have roots and a long history in Valdres , and operates, among other things, Valdres mountain hotel. We have chosen to develop this cottage field because we believe that this is a true gem in scenic surroundings that will bring a lot of joy and quality of life to those seeking a relaxing location where they can cultivate their outdoor activities all year round. We have a burning love for Valdres And Ølsjølitoppen , and hope that the cottages here will bring a lot of joy to new owners and their families. If you have any questions regarding the plots on the Ølsjølitoppen you can check frequently asked questions or contact us.

"We hope you secure your share of Ølsjølitoppen , and I'll see you soon on the ski trail." 

– Jarle Lunde

Ole Kristian Lunde