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The new plots are idyllically located on about 1000 meters of slopes with ski slope, fishing lake, toboggan slopes and good hiking opportunities for young and old. Here you get the perfect place to realize the cabin dream in quiet surroundings, which also offers many exciting activities all year round.

Now we have more plots ready for sale, and more will be made available in the near future. Navigate the lot selector below to see the available lots and click the icons to learn more about activities, cabins and mountain tops and other opportunities in the area. If you have any questions or would like to secure one of the plots, please get in touch.

Plot list

EmptyAreaStatusPrice (coming)
A081.9 daaView cabin
A141.4 daaReady for construction
A161.2 daaReady for construction
A191.5 daaReady for construction
A631.2 daaReady for construction
A641.3 daaReady for construction
A091.9 daaUndeveloped
A151.3 daaUndeveloped
A172.1 daaUndeveloped
A181.9 daaUndeveloped
A231.9 daaUndeveloped
A241.7 daaUndeveloped
A261.5 daaUndeveloped
A271.4 daaUndeveloped
A281.2 daaUndeveloped
A291.2 daaUndeveloped
A301.4 daaUndeveloped
A351.5 daaUndeveloped
A382.0 daaUndeveloped
A391.8 daaUndeveloped
A401.7 daaUndeveloped
A410.8 daaUndeveloped
A421.5 daaUndeveloped
A431.8 daaUndeveloped
A441.5 daaUndeveloped
A452.0 daaUndeveloped
A462.1 daaUndeveloped
A472.0 daaUndeveloped
A481.8 daaUndeveloped
A492.0 daaUndeveloped
A501.8 daaUndeveloped
A521.4 daaUndeveloped
A541.7 daaUndeveloped
A551.6 daaUndeveloped
A571.6 daaUndeveloped
A581.3 daaUndeveloped
A591.6 daaUndeveloped
A601.6 daaUndeveloped
A611.1 daaUndeveloped
A621.5 daaUndeveloped
A651.4 daaUndeveloped
EmptyAreaStatusPrice (coming)

Ole Kristian Lunde