The dream cabin

Realize it on Ølsjølitoppen

New property

Cabin properties situated at 1000 asml in Valdres

Guarantee of snow

Convenient ski trails connecting in all directions

Hiking opportunities

Well-organized hiking trails in light mountain terrain for people of all age

Welcome to Ølsjølitoppen !

The cabin field on Ølsjølitoppen is a brand new gem in Valdres .

The cabin field on Ølsjølitoppen is a brand new gem in Valdres .

The properties are located in scenic surroundings of 1000 meters above sea level and offer great experiences all year round. The area has a snow guarantee throughout the winter, and protected nature ensures that the beautiful scenery and natural surroundings will remain untouched.

Enjoy the spectacular views of the nearby mountain terrain and the  popular Jotunheimen. East from the cabinarea lies Spåtind at 1414 metres above sea level, and the closest neighbor is Langsua National Park with a rich and natural diversity. Ølsjølia is ideal for both those who want to take advantage of the nearby activities all year round and those who seek peace and quiet in soothing surroundings.

Activites and adventures

With a cottage on Ølsjølitoppen you get a perfect starting point for rich activities and experiences in beautiful and varied Valdres .

There are few places in Norway that offer so many opportunities for all seasons with lush valleys, high mountain peaks and rich culture. Ølsjølia offers something for everyone in the immediate vicinity, with short distance to famous sights and trips in Valdres.

Miles of ski trails and bike trails, opportunities for short and long hikes and good fishing opportunities in all waters can be found as soon as you open the cabin door. You can visit cabins, farms and harnesses, take a trip in valdres alpine centre, dog teams, try via ferrata or attend the rakfisk festival in Fagernes. The possibilities are many with Ølsjølitoppen as a starting point.

Obtain a property

Now you can secure your share of Ølsjølitoppen !

The cabins

Once you have secured a plot, it remains to choose a cabin that suits your needs. We work with skilled cabin suppliers who can deliver turnkey cabins to the plots on Ølsjølitoppen .

You are of course free to explore the various cabin types from the suppliers or design and build the cabin yourself.

Here you can see a selection of the cabins from our suppliers for inspiration.

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