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Valdres has a variety of hiking-opportunities to offer in mountains and lighter terrain suitable for any person fond of nature. From the wooded hills in the south to Jotunheimen's white peaks in the north. Valdres has some of the country's best mountain and hiking tours.

Few mountainous areas in Norway can compare with Langsua when it comes to lushness high to the mountains. The area has previously been referred to as Jotunheimen's forecourt, and is very suitable for families with short or longer day stages. Langsua is located between Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen and accommodate spruce forests and pine forests, birch groves and stone flies and peaks.

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Within easy reach of Ølsjølitoppen lies Langsua National Park with an area of 5731 km2 and a wide range of marked trails and slopes. Langsua has several peaks that are easily accessible from Ølsjølitoppen , with marked landmarks offering magnificent views. Skaget at 1686 asml, Nordre Langsua at 1554 asml., Oskampen at 1513 asml., Storhøpiggen at 1433 asml., Sikkilsdalshøa at 1778 asml. You can park your car about 1 km south of Lenningen Fjellstue

The area also offers many fine hikes below the tree line, and Ølsjølitoppen is a good starting point for hiking in hilly terrain on nature trails into the national park and the several associated nature reserves. The mountain area that stretches from Etnedal in Valdres over Synnfjellet to Gudbrandsdalen offers hiking trails in all directions with panoramic views and untouched nature.


Tour destinations available by car


Etnedal Municipality

Of the most popular tours nearby Ølsjølitoppen Then the trip up Spåtind at 1414 meters above sea level. You can also hike across Tonsåsen along the Bergen King Road.


Nord-Aurdal Municipality

There are plenty of mountain and hiking trips in the remaining five municipalities in Valdres with Bjødnastigen, Bjørgovarden, Djuptjernkampen, Fjellenden, Gribbe, Jutulshøgda, Kviteberg, Smørlitoppen and Synet as the most popular tours in Nord-Aurdal municipality. Here there are also set up to hiking trails along the river in Leira and Strandefjorden.


Sør-Aurdal Municipality

The mountain and hiking tours in Sør-Aurdal also offer shorter and longer trips with Ørneflag at 1243 m above sea level. Of other trips, Makalausfjellet and Puttekollen are popular hiking destinations.


Vang Municipality

In Vang you will find several summit trips for full-day excursions with Skjøld/Bergsfjellet at 1577 m above sea level.


Western Slidre Municipality

Vestre Slidre municipality has a number of summits with great views from the peaks stretching from Grønsennknippa at 1368 m above sea level. Valdres surrounded by high mountains and a great mountain scenery.


Øystre Slidre Municipality

Øystre Slidre municipality and Jotunheimen offer one of the country's finest natural gems and are the starting point for several of the most sought after mountain hikes in a powerful natural landscape in the mountains. Of the summit tours in the area, Besseggen at 1743 m above sea level is the most popular destination for all ages and groupings, as well as bitihorn and a trip along the boat shaft inland bygdin is a unique experience at the gateway to Jotunheimen. Rasletinden is the highest point at 2105 m above sea level, and there is a diversity of good opportunities for mountain and hiking in the municipality. Gravolskampen, Javnberget, Mugnetinden, Rundemellen, Skaget, and Skarvemellen good starting point for an authentic nature experience.


See Visit Valdres his tour proposal: "Top 30 summits in the Valdres region": https://www. valdres .no/opplevelser/activities/hiking/hiking suggestions-top-30

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