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We are proud to have delivered customized cabins for over 40 years.

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The most important thing about our cabins is that it will be your cabin. And that is, we can build exactly the cabin you want. Feel free to call it tailoring.

We offer a variety of models and styles as a starting point, and it's entirely up to you whether you want it finished with the key in the door, or buy it as a building kit.

We can't wait to have an inspiring cabin chat with you.

Cabin models

We present here some selected models where you get the idyll that comes with a cabin in the mountains in combination with an additional home – Modern holiday homes that are adapted to the chosen plot of land Ølsjølitoppen .

  • The large windows of the escape huts give you orchestral space for the magical view on Ølsjølitoppen .
    • Røsslyng with open dining, living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms + sleeping shed and terrace with gapahuk is a stylish and spacious cottage for those who want to have most things on one level.
    • Heather with open-plan dining, living room, kitchen, living room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and WC room is a spacious and area-efficient cabin on two levels.
  • Forest violet is one of our most popular cabins. A cosy and spacious family cabin with our smart sleeping alcove in the living room, as well as convenient wood and ski storage solution under the roof outside.

The cabins can be adapted to your needs and wishes if we enter into a contract prior to the start of construction.

Lugn Hytter - Røsslyng with sleeping loft

Røsslyng with sleeping loft

Lugn Cabins

Lugn Hytter - Røsslyng with living room

Røsslyng with a living room

Lugn Cabins

Lugn Hytter - Skogfiol

Forest violet

Lugn Cabins

Full lugn

Cabin, dear cabin. Thank you for your late
mornings while the snow is falling, and the autumn leaves
that rattles in the wind.
Thanks for the air, the tinkering clear
the air, which cleanses the head, the senses.
And for lower voices, words that are pronounced
slower, comfortable silence. For the sound
of the pages of a scrolled and
children's safe breathing. The city is there on
Monday, but not now.

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