Tinde Hytter

With 40 years of experience, Tinde Hytter has developed into one of the country's leading cabin suppliers.

Tine cabins

Our specialty is the delivery of turnkey cabins.

Our skilled and flexible employees ensure that all cabins are adapted to today's requirements for ease of use and comfort. We can also customize solutions and details, adapted to the building custom in the area you are going to build a cabin.

Experience the tinde quality; Guidance, freedom of choice, professionals, safety!

Cabin models

We are responsive to customer wishes and propose a cabin model in relation to land selection and cost framework. We are building Rondane 86 as a viewing cabin on Ølsjølitoppen . Feel free to get in touch for a nice cabin talk!

Tinde Hytter - Rondane 86

Rondane 86

Tinde Hytter

Tinde Hytter - Danebu 90

Danebu 90

Tinde Hytter

Tinde Hytter - Nordseter w/loft

Nordseter w/loft

Tinde Hytter

Tinde Hytter contact person

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