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The arch is the very brand of mountain huts in Norway.

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The original Buen style was created by Asbjørn Buen and the famous Buen cabins have been a strong brand for nearly 50 years.

We will deliver high quality and craftsmanship at competitive prices, and have a customer commitment that is about delivering the "cabin dream" to all those who want a haven for themselves and their loved ones.

Through our local presence at Ølsjølitoppen we cooperate closely with landowners for the sale of finished cabins and projected cabins on the field. Buen Gruppen supplies both building kits and turnkey cabins and holiday homes. We help our customers with building applications, engineering, and construction of the buildings. For Ølsjølitoppen Buen Partner Lillehammer is the local office.

Cabin models

Buen Gruppen has developed 3 models as a starting point for Ølsjølitoppen . These have all our unique quality and solutions can be customized. Together with the customer we find the right cabin for the cottage plot that is chosen. Common to all the cabin models at Buen Gruppen are high craftsmanship quality and unique details. Solid cottages that last for generations.

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Buen Gruppen

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Buen Gruppen

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