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Ølsjølitoppen is a high-standard cabin area at Lenningen in Valdres at about 1030 meters above sea level along county road 204 between Fagernes and Lillehammer. Ølsjølitoppen is a family-friendly and diverse nature area for those seeking a turnkey year-round cabin in beautiful high mountain surroundings. To the east of the cabin area are Synnfjellet and Spåtind. To the north is Langsua National Park and Jotunheimen dominates the view to the west. Access From Oslo: Take the E18 to Sandvika, and then the E16 to Bagn in Valdres. From Bagn, take the road over Tonsåsen to Bruflat. Alternatively, you can drive over Gjelleråsen and follow Rv 4 towards Gjøvik.

At Brandbu, follow signs towards Dokka and Fagernes (Fv. 33), and then towards Bruflat (Fv. 251). From Bruflat, continue for about 28 km and keep right on Etnedalsvegen towards Lenningen. The area is snow-sure with well-prepared ski trails right outside the door and a short distance to both Langsua National Park and Synnfjellet. In summer, the area also offers great hiking opportunities along idyllic fishing lakes and setertun, which are ideal for both hiking and cycling. There are also several opportunities for summit hikes in the national park and to Spåtind (1414 m above sea level) with a magnificent view over large parts of the Norwegian mountains.

There are good hunting and fishing opportunities on Lenningen both in Hafsenn, Ølsjølifjorden, inland in Langsua National Park and in Røssjøen Nature Reserve. At the bathing area by Røssjøen there is a lavvo and barbecue area, and it is possible to rent a rowing boat with a self-service solution. Fishing waters in the area are at 700 to 1300 masl. Langsua National Park, Røssjøen Nature Reserve and Skardberga Nature Reserve are the nearest neighbors and the close location to these protected areas makes Ølsjølitoppen to a nature paradise that will always preserve the untouched nature, the tranquil surroundings and the view you experience in the area today.


Five ready-to-build cabin plots

Five plots ready for construction

Five plots ready for construction


We have a selection of five ready-to-build cabin plots that are ready for sale at the time of writing, and our cabin suppliers are prepared to build your dream cabin according to your wishes after transfer of the purchased cabin plot. The cabin plots are freehold plots from 1200m2 to 1500m2 and are located at 1000moh. These five ready-to-build cabin plots are set up in two price ranges and these vary in size and location in altitude meters on the field. A16, A63 and A64 are in the lower price range and the plot area of these is from 1200m2 to 1400m2. A14 and A19 are in the somewhat higher price range and the plot area of these is from 1400m2 to 1500m2.

A connection fee to Etnedal municipality for public water and sewerage is mandatory and must be included. Up to three buildings may be built on the plots - a cabin, annex and outbuilding/garage. All buildings must have exterior dark and matte earth tones of wood or natural stone, and permitted roofing is shingle, turf, wood or slate. We can refer the buyer of a plot to the right cabin supplier. The plots face southwest, have a great view and good sunlight. Here you can sit out in the sun or walk straight into the ski slopes and hiking terrain that surrounds the cabin field. There is a year-round road to the plots with access and parking on your own property with two car parking spaces totaling 36m2. Necessary infrastructure such as roads, water, sewage and electricity have been installed up to the plot boundary.


Reserve your dream plot at Ølsjølitoppen West

New cottage plots on Ølsjølitoppen West

New cottage plots on Ølsjølitoppen West


We are in the process of developing new cabin plots with the necessary infrastructure on the southern part of Ølsjølitoppen Vest, closest to the passing ski slope and up towards the center of the hill. Over 30 plots will be prepared, which you can reserve today, and we expect the cabin plots to be ready for construction by late summer 2022. These plots vary in height from the lowest point closest to the ski slopes to the top of the hill, which is the highest point for the new cabin plots.

These plots all have an area of over 900m2 up to 1600m2m which is the largest of these plots. To the south passes the ski trail as illustrated in the picture above, and the entire area from west to northeast of the cabin field is considered protected nature areas due to the proximity to Langsua National Park and the two nature reserves. You can be sure that the view you experience at Ølsjølitoppen today will continue in the future with plenty of untouched nature and vegetation.


Plot overview. Blue can be reserved and green is ready for construction.

Plot overview. Blue can be reserved and green is ready for construction.


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